About us

As a leading mobile developer and publisher, we know what it takes to compete and succeed on the crowded mobile market with over five million products.

Now we are helping other developers to publish their products, and successfully working on maximizing its value across all mobile platforms.

Why us

We offer great opportunities for mobile product developers to gain the best exposure and generate the highest revenue for their products. We are flexible, easy to collaborate and passionate about mobile apps and games.

Based on extensive experience of bringing new mobile titles to the top app stores’ charts, we offer guidance, feedback and full participation at all stages.


We aim to find the right balance between getting the maximum profit and positive user experience. Our efficient mediation system helps maximize the product revenues without filling a product with never-ending ads.

User Acquisition

We’ve got world-class user acquisition team and partnerships with top traffic sources providers that makes us performance marketing ninjas. Taking the advantage of multiple UA channels and large marketing budget, we are able to place the product in front of millions and increase app visibility across app stores.

Community Management

Building a strong user community is a vital thing for users engagement and retention. We are experienced in integrating, managing and assisting a large user base. The community is waiting to engage and we know how to do it right.

Business Intelligence

We don’t guess. We test every hypothesis and make data-driven decisions. Performing complex mobile data analysis, we help developers better understand their users, optimize the product and improve key product metrics.

User base

Owning a large app inventory we can help developers get their mobile products in front of million players instantly. With over 300 million downloads and 20 million monthly active users across Gismart portfolio, we’re offering a great opportunity to cross-promote your product.


We are App Store Optimization experts. Gismart apps and games rank at the top on the app search. We know how to improve the discoverability and product ranking to drive more downloads and increase product revenue.