Raising the best products
to the heights of success

Ready to launch your game?


million MAU

million downloads

thousand new
daily users

on the App Store
and Google Play

high user app rating

Cool Goal!

№1 Game
in 55 countries


Strong Partner Network

We’ve forged strong relationships
with market leaders.


We invest in excellence

We are ready to invest up to $1M in high-potential mobile projects
to help them reach a world-class level. Our strong position in the market allows us
to support the right product every step of the way to achieve maximum results.

Gismart publishing
Gismart publishing

What are we looking for?

We’re waiting for ready-to-test
mobile products, including casual
games and hyper-casual games,
as well as music, entertainment
and utility apps in a variety of

We offer expertise at all stages


Our efficient mediation system
helps maximize product
revenue without consuming a
product with never-ending ads.

User Acquisition

We’ve got a world-class user acquisition
team and partnerships with top traffic
source providers that make us
performance marketing ninjas!

User base

With over 500 million downloads
and 20 million monthly active users,
throughout the Gismart portfolio,
we offer excellent opportunities to
cross-promote your product.


We perform complex mobile data
analysis to help developers better
understand their users. In doing
so, we optimize your product and
improve key product metrics.

Support and Community

We are experienced in integrating,
managing and assisting a large user
base. The community is waiting to
engage and we know how to do it right.

App Store

We know how to improve
discoverability and product ranking
to drive more downloads and
increase product revenue.

We’re waiting for your games!

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