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Our success stories
  • Games Cool Goal!
    In just a few days after the release, Cool Goal! took the number one spot in the most popular games list on the App Store in 55 countries, the total number reaching 50+ million by now

    This classic football-themed hyper casual title with a unique gameplay, cool graphics and trendy in-game characters became a trendsetter, as its success inspired other hyper casual publishers to develop their own football-themed games

  • Games VIP Guard
    In just a couple of weeks after the release, VIP Guard ranked Top 3 Free Games in the US and got into the Top 1 Free Games in the UK

    In VIP Guard, one is challenged to use their skills to become a master of security and perform the ultimate rescue while looking for threats from enemies and stopping the bullets.

  • Games Baby & Mom Idle 3D
    Six days after release the game has reached 5th place in Free Games Overall chart on the App Store in the US and 4th in the UK

    Pregnancy Idle 3D enables players to observe and influence baby development, teaching users the different stages in the growth of an embryo

  • Games Foil Turning 3D
    The game reached Top 1 in the US on Google Play and holds the position of one of the most popular games in China

    In Foil Turning 3D one is to create unique masterpieces from foil going through the fascinating processes of molding, polishing, and painting.

  • Games Domino Smash
    Just weeks after its global release, the game hit the top 10 most downloaded games in the US App Store and became a trendsetter, attracting the attention of other big industry players

    The goal of the game is to make the dominos topple over. Players do this by aiming a ball and firing it at the start of the domino chain. The dominos fall when they are hit and the player collects crystals. The more challenges players beat, the more exciting levels and challenges they unlock

  • Games Defuse The Bomb 3D
    Short after release, the game has got into the Top 10 in Free Games Overall chart on the App Store in the UK and other countries

    In this nail-biting game, the fate of the world is in your hands. Test your agility, skill, and nerve by cutting the wires attached to the bomb. As you make that first cut – will you succeed, or will there be an explosion?

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  • Million MAU
  • Million downloads
  • Top ranking

    Our applications are сonstantly in he top of App Store and Google Play

  • Over 15 awards

    More than 15 awards and titles in the field of entertainment

Make your idle game a global hit

We have a proven track record of successfully growing idle games – Pregnancy Idle 3D Stimulator, Oil Tycoon, Physics Puzzle Idle, Port Tycoon Idle, and others – on the app stores. With a strong commitment and passion for idle games, we are happy to share our expertise, insights and work together with partner studios making the games a success

Make your game big in China

China games market is tough to crack but we’ve figured it out. We’ve successfully published and scaled the games on the 1 billion players’ market reaching free games top charts there. With our market expertise, a large pool of resources and strategic local partners in China, we make sure your game gets the best possible exposure and the most out of the players

Cleon Top 8 Free Games in China
Cool Goal! Top 5 Free Games in China
Domino Smash Top 17 Free Games in China
Foil Turning 3D Top 10 Free Games in China
We offer expertise at all stages
  • App Store optimization

    We know how to improve discoverability and product ranking to drive more downloads and increase product revenue

  • User acquisition

    We’ve got a world-class user acquisition team and partnerships with top traffic source providers that make us performance marketing ninjas

  • Monetization

    Our efficient mediation system helps maximize product revenue without consuming a productwith never-ending ads

  • Business intelligence

    We perform complex mobile data analysis to help developers better understand their users. In doing so, we optimize your product and improve key product metrics

  • Support and community management

    We are experienced in integrating, managing and assisting a large user base. The community is waiting to engage and we know how to do it right

  • User base

    With over 800 million downloads, throughout the Gismart portfolio, we offer excellent opportunities to cross-promote your product

We invest in excellence

We are ready to invest up to $1M in high-potential mobile projects to help them reach a world-class level. Our strong position in the market allows us to support the right product every step of the way to achieve maximum results

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We are looking for talented teams, studious and individual developers that are working on the hyper-casual and casual games with a potential of being in the top-charts

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