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  • VIP Guard

    Can you perform the ultimate rescue in VIP Guard? Switch on close protection mode and become a master of security

  • Foil Turning 3D

    Grab the foil and mold it into fantastic shapes! Polish, paint it, and you're done. Sit back and enjoy your creation

  • Cool Goal!

    Football just got a lot cooler! Test your brain and your boost, choose your hero and score goals across the world

  • Baby & Mom Idle 3D

    Ready to become a parent? Experience the magic of pregnancy as you grow your family one tap at a time

  • Perfect Expert 3D

    Find a solution, make your home perfect, and handle the chores. Are you up to the challenge? Well, get ready

  • Domino Smash

    Drop, tumble, bash and crash into the world of Domino Smash. Strike the dominos and unlock new exciting levels

  • Cleon

    Punch and smash your way through monsters and demons in an adventure against the underworld

  • Defuse The Bomb 3D

    The fate of the world is in your hands. Test your agility, skill, and nerve by cutting the wires attached to the bomb

  • Ice Creamz Roll

    You are the king or queen of the kitchen as you take the lead in one of the most exciting food games out there

  • Idle Port Tycoon

    The sea is a harsh mistress, become its master and save the world in Idle Port Tycoon game

  • Balls Rollerz Idle 3D

    Are you fast enough? Test out your action and reaction speed as you create the path to idle games victory

  • Oil Tycoon

    Your road to riches starts in Oil Tycoon, the game where you extract oil across the globe, sell it, and make your fortune

  • Jambl

    Compose tasty beats in seconds and share them in a video with this amazingly powerful music creation tool

  • Happy Hockey!

    Are you ready for a pucking good time? Grab your stick and hit the ice in the sports game you’ve been waiting for

  • Piano Crush

    Crush notes and play along to your favorite songs on a keyboard with a great variety of musical instrument sounds

  • Beat Maker Go

    The world’s number #1 beat-making application. Write, record, and share original music with a virtual drum pad

  • Go Drums

    Discover the ultimate mobile drumming tutor and experience authentic drum lessons

  • Hello Piano

    Get a personalized curriculum, explore detailed lessons and play educational games in this pocket-sized piano tutor

  • Guitar Play

    Rock out to your favorite tracks and love every moment in the rhythm game that's everything six-strings

  • Karaoke

    Karaoke Face makes you look and sound like a star! Sing along to hit songs and wear AR masks

  • WeDrum

    Mobile drumming perfected. Play along to your favorite songs, learn to drum, and never leave your kit at home

  • Music Zen

    Explore guided meditations, soothing visual scenes, relaxing games, and a collection of audiobooks

  • Facetory

    Sculpt the perfect visage using specially tailored facial yoga techniques. Give yourself a natural, youthful boost

  • Mood Balance

    Discover a host of stats, activities, and games all professionally designed to benefit your mental health

  • DJ it!

    Meet an unparalleled mobile DJ set-up as well as a great variety of learning resources that will teach you how to mix like a pro

  • Piano

    The comprehensive mobile piano keyboard. Learn to play hit songs, perform live, and never leave your keys at home

  • Guitar

    Learn guitar, play hits, and develop music theory knowledge with a host of games and edu resources

  • Metronome

    Play educational games, learn musical theory, and never miss a beat again in the most accurate mobile metronome.

  • Guitar Tuner

    Explore educational games, learning resources, and never break a string with the most accurate mobile tuner

  • Tap & Mix

    Dive into the rhythm game where you play along to incredible mixes as you get to grips with DJing

  • Hip-Hop Beat Maker

    Write, mix, and share hip-hop beats with ease as you explore a variety of production tools, effects, and settings

  • Soundle

    Dive into the rhythm game where you play along to incredible mixes as you get to grips with DJing!

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    We've got more than 15 awards and titles in the field of entertainment

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  • for Cool Goal!
    humanoidus 20.01.2020

    This game is so fun. I have only had it for less than a day and am addicted. Great to pass time

  • for Domino Smash
    xvgvygvug 01.01.2020
    Doctor please

    I was going to die because I played the game too much but the doctor cured me and I only play it 20 hours a day instead of 24 hours a day

  • for Beat Maker Go
    alanna katz 19.02.2020
    Good music

    This is the best music game I have ever played

  • for Piano
    Intermeza 18.12.2019

    Easy to use and sooo much fun. Love it!

  • for Hello Piano
    75382coolkid 09.03.2020
    This is awesome

    This made me smile. It changed how I feel about music. I have come so far with this app I hope you feel the same.

Products built on flawless foundations

We develop and nurture the robust and sophisticated technologies that form the foundations of our products. Beneath each product lies a veritable explosion of lovingly crafted and flawlessly designed engineering that breathes life into our applications.

Products built on flawless foundations
  • Our own Android and iOS libraries
    Our own Android and iOS libraries

    To ensure entirely responsive UI and rapid UI implementation across multiple components, instant hotfixes through client-side code injection, beautiful animation, robust & adaptable data storage, and effortless synchronization.

    Powered by: Swift, Obj-C, Realm, CoreData, CoreAudio, RxSwift, Alamofire, Eureka Java, Kotlin, Dart/C++, RxJava, Flutter

  • Our own Back End and Platform services
    Our own Back End and Platform services

    To allow instant API logic implementation, swift client notifications, protected API endpoints, fluid web-based server setting configuration, and user-accessible server error management.

    Powered by: Golang, Python, JavaScript, Nginx, PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch/Kibana, Swagger, Python, Flask, React

  • Immutable infrastructure
    Immutable infrastructure

    To facilitate rapid and simple deployment, promote extreme scalability with continual reliability, and enable precise performance monitoring.

    Powered by: Terraform, Kubernetes, AWS S3, AWS SQS, AWS Lambda, Siege, Яндекс.Танк

  • In-house Data Analytics tools
    In-house Data Analytics tools

    To provide users’ data protection and rapid querying on a terabyte-scale to forge data-driven strategies and foster insightful product development through statistical models and algorithms.

    Powered by: Python, RedShift, R, Tableau, Grafana, PostgreSQL, sklearn, numpy, scipy, statsmodels, seaborn, plotly

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