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  • Beat Jam

    Meet the ultimate DJ secret out there, a smart beat maker that lets you make your own music from anywhere

  • Piano Way

    Tune your fingers and become a master of the keys.

  • Equalizer

    Take your listening experience to another level with tons of music altering features

  • Loop Maker Pro

    Get into the groove and make your own beats in the ultimate music maker app

  • Jambl

    JAMBL is an amazing music creation tool that lets you compose tasty beats and share your music in a music video

  • Piano Crush

    Crush notes and play along to your favorite songs on a keyboard with a great variety of musical instrument sounds

  • Beat Maker Go

    The world’s number #1 beat-making application. Write, record, and share original music with a virtual drum pad

  • Go Drums

    Discover the ultimate mobile drumming tutor and experience authentic lessons going from a beginner to a pro

  • Hello Piano

    Explore detailed lessons, play educational games, and master the piano with the pocket-sized piano tutor

  • Guitar Play

    Master the guitar and rock out to your favorite tracks in the rhythm game that's everything six-strings

  • Karaoke

    Karaoke Face makes you look and sound like a star! Sing along to hit songs and wear cool AR masks

  • Party Bass Booster

    Amplify the sound and create awesome musical remixes to blow up the party and rock out to

  • WeDrum

    Mobile drumming perfected. Play your favorite songs, learn to drum, and never leave your kit at home again

  • DJ it!

    Welcome to an unparalleled mobile DJ set-up with a variety of learning resources that will teach you how to mix like a pro

  • Piano

    The comprehensive mobile piano keyboard. Learn to play hit songs, perform live, and never leave your keys at home

  • Guitar

    Learn guitar, play hit songs, and get theoretical knowledge with a host of games and educational resources

  • Guitar Tuner

    Never break a string again with the multi-instrument tuner that guarantees accuracy with every use

  • Metronome

    Play educational games, learn musical theory, and never miss a beat again with the most accurate mobile metronome

  • Tap & Mix

    Dive into the rhythm game where you play along to incredible mixes as you get to grips with DJing

  • Soundle

    Dive into the rhythm game where you play along to incredible mixes as you get to grips with DJing!

  • Hip-Hop Beat Maker

    Write, mix, and share hip-hop beats with ease as you explore a variety of production tools, effects, and settings

  • Enjoy Me

    Take your body and mind on a wellness journey to gain a deeper understanding of your wants, needs, and desires

  • Luvly

    The first face yoga beautification app on a mission to help users nurture their authentic beauty and brilliance.

  • Music Zen

    Explore guided meditations, soothing visual scenes, relaxing games, and a collection of audiobooks

  • Mood Balance

    Discover a host of stats, activities, and games all professionally designed to benefit your mental health

  • Dancebit

    Shake your body to the groove, have fun, and lose weight, all at the same time

  • My Fasting Diet

    Uncover new ways to boost your health, lose weight, have more energy, and track weight loss and BMI

  • Walking & Weight Loss Tracker

    Access a full set of tech tools to help you step up your walking routine to a healthier you

  • Friends Quest

    Pass a series of levels full of dangers and mysteries in this amazing real-time multi-player exclusively on Snapchat

  • Crazy Run

    Overcome unusual obstacles and get to the finish line on a fascinating trip around the Crazy Run world

  • Color Galaxy

    Сompete to get the most territory of the planets driving around Color Galaxy with friends on Snapchat

  • Word Search Together

    Take a friend, choose the topic, and set off on a captivating journey across the magic world of words on Facebook

  • TikTok Piano

    Tap piano keys under falling tiles and perform hit songs like a real pianist in an exciting piano journey on TikTok

  • Word Search Tournament

    Search for words with Facebook players from all over the world competing for the top position in the leaderboard

  • Body Race

    It's time to hit the runway! Walk that catwalk, race to the finish, and stun in cutting-edge fashion

  • Famio

    Put your family’s safety in first place with Famio. Famio helps you stay digitally connected with your loved ones, no matter where they are.

  • Bestie Wars

    Win the love games and break up your bestie’s ship so you can walk down the aisle

  • Transform Master

    Tackle the levels, avoid the obstacles, and use objects to get those enemies out of your way

  • Fighting Stance

    Grab your swords, weapons and away we go to fight the enemies and win the game

  • Drill Punch 3D

    Weapons at the ready! Battle your enemies, tackle obstacles, and complete in-game challenges to beat the levels

  • Party Gang

    Enter the ring, fight all the beasts and stay till the end to take the crown in this craziest battle

  • Warp Slide‪r‬

    Create the perfect time warp pics that will wow. So freaky and yet so cool

  • Pencil Rush 3D

    This world needs a little color! Liven things up and color your day with the rainbow in Pencil Rush 3D

  • Mad Racing 3D

    Screech! Can you hear that metal twist? This is Mad Racing 3D, and it is one car crash of a game

  • Cover The Tracks

    Clean up the crime scene and avoid any suspicions. No one should find a single trace!

  • Hidden Objects

    Feel like a real detective - find all the hidden objects, studying pictures and developing your concentration

  • Don’t Get Busted

    Oh, no! It’s the cops! Get in the car! This is a race for your freedom

  • Little Ant Colony

    It’s time to take charge of the colony. Eat your way through this idle game, grow your ant tribe, and win

  • VIP Guard

    Can you perform the ultimate rescue in VIP Guard? Switch on close protection mode and become a master of security

  • Foil Turning 3D

    Grab the foil and mold it into fantastic shapes! Polish, paint it, and you're done. Sit back and enjoy your creation

  • Cool Goal!

    Football just got a lot cooler! Test your brain and your boost, choose your hero and score goals across the world

  • Baby & Mom Idle 3D

    Ready to become a parent? Experience the magic of pregnancy as you grow your family one tap at a time

  • Domino Smash

    Drop, tumble, bash and crash into the world of Domino Smash. Strike the dominos and unlock new exciting levels

  • Cleon

    Punch and smash your way through monsters and debris in an adventure that pits the player against the underworld

  • Marines Shooting 3D

    Train your battalion, shoot like a sniper, and get those enemies to fulfill your mission of saving the world

  • Ice Creamz Roll

    You are the king or queen of the kitchen as you take the lead in one of the most exciting food games out there

  • Idle Port Tycoon

    The sea is a harsh mistress, become its master and save the world in Idle Port Tycoon game

  • Balls Rollerz Idle 3D Puzzle

    Test out your action and reaction speed as you tap your way to success in the ultimate idle ball game

  • Oil Tycoon

    Your road to riches starts in Oil Tycoon, the game where you extract oil across the globe, sell it, and make your fortune

  • Happy Hockey!

    Grab your stick, hit the ice, and take aim because this is the sports game you’ve been waiting for

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  • for Woofz
    Hgcooper 06.21.2022
    The Best Ever

    I like how you guys spent a lot of time in effort in these videos and I really love that and this will help my new puppy which is a husky mud gets so much training

  • for DJ it!
    KlubKarlos 07.09.2021
    Honestly, My top five vibin apps!

    Its amazing! I love this DJ app, my family loves it and i get to vibe way more now! I even use this while on playing games and it’s honestly so epic

  • for Beat Jam
    Jonahern82 04.22.2022
    Super great

    Very great app. I would definitely tell everybody to download this app. It’s very cheap for what you get and it’s a very effective music making app and I would recommend it to my best friend.

  • for Walking & Weight Loss Tracker
    MrsColonel_03 04.28.2022
    Great walking tool to help with weight loss

    The app is very user friendly. You just input your data and what you would like to do and it customized a plan for you.

  • for Party Gang
    Xprescot 03.04.2022
    Super awesome

    I just love this game and actual people play this and are not bots this game is so fun as fun as they say in ads!!!!!!

Products built on flawless foundations

We develop and nurture the robust and sophisticated technologies that form the foundations of our products. Beneath each product lies a veritable explosion of lovingly crafted and flawlessly designed engineering that breathes life into our applications.

Products built on flawless foundations
  • Our own Android and iOS libraries
    Our own Android and iOS libraries

    To ensure entirely responsive UI and rapid UI implementation across multiple components, instant hotfixes through client-side code injection, beautiful animation, robust & adaptable data storage, and effortless synchronization.

    Powered by: Swift, Obj-C, Realm, CoreData, CoreAudio, RxSwift, Alamofire, Eureka Java, Kotlin, Dart/C++, RxJava, Flutter

  • Our own Back End and Platform services
    Our own Back End and Platform services

    To allow instant API logic implementation, swift client notifications, protected API endpoints, fluid web-based server setting configuration, and user-accessible server error management.

    Powered by: Golang, Python, JavaScript, Nginx, PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch/Kibana, Swagger, Python, Flask, React

  • Immutable infrastructure
    Immutable infrastructure

    To facilitate rapid and simple deployment, promote extreme scalability with continual reliability, and enable precise performance monitoring.

    Powered by: Terraform, Kubernetes, AWS S3, AWS SQS, AWS Lambda, Siege

  • In-house Data Analytics tools
    In-house Data Analytics tools

    To provide users’ data protection and rapid querying on a terabyte-scale to forge data-driven strategies and foster insightful product development through statistical models and algorithms.

    Powered by: Python, RedShift, R, Tableau, Grafana, PostgreSQL, sklearn, numpy, scipy, statsmodels, seaborn, plotly

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