Taking your influence to a new level with your own mobile game or app

Products for influencers
What can be cooler than having your own game or app?
With a portfolio of 40 popular games and apps loved by millions, we are ready to build exciting products for the influencers and their fanbase. We’ll offer products that fit the influencer persona and take care of all the development and further promotion on a global scale
Give your followers a new way to enjoy you and grow your fanbase to new heights

Music apps


Wellness apps

Choose a partnership option that fits your character and brings more value to your brand

Games for influencers

We make games that speak universal language and are as sticky as glue. Be it a brand new idea executed in an exclusively created game, or a character integration to our existing title, we will make sure it wins new audiences as well as entertain your core followers

Branded music apps for artists

We are committed to helping artists promote their music and personal brand in new, innovative ways reaching a multi-million audience through branded apps. We take one of the top-performing music apps from our portfolio and customize it for you. Let the fans enjoy playing with your music on your branded app

Wellness apps for health ambassadors

With award-winning wellness products, we’re offering healthy lifestyle influencers to have your own mobile app and deliver useful content to existing and new audiences. We combine the market-proven core product features of the apps in a way that suits the influencer, and create a unique brand new app with the right value

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