Music Zen

Enjoy inner peace and balance daily!

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Music Zen by Gismart
  • Breathing

  • Relaxing
    music games

  • Guided

  • Calming
    scenes & sounds

Breath deeply

Discover immediate escape and bring balance to your day
with breathing exercises exclusive to Music Zen.

Play relaxing games

Create melodies to inspire relaxation and
relieve the senses with a collection
of instruments and sounds known
for their smoothing properties.

Explore mindfulness in meditation

Embrace mindfulness with daily meditation practices.
Grow with every session as you develop a balanced mindset you can maintain.


Extra fear

Difficult Emotion


Inner Piece

Deep Sleep

Experience unforgettable
scenery and peaceful sounds

Wind down to a calm inspired
by the beauty of nature.
Sooth your eyes and ears
to peaceful sights and sounds.

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