Gismart Offers Strategic Partnerships to Experienced Hypercasual Development Studios

27 July 2020 2 min read

Gismart is inviting experienced hypercasual, puzzle, and idle game development studios to partner with the company, providing unique terms of collaboration that will increase the opportunity to release successful games in a shorter timeframe. We will offer close cooperation to selected studios providing market-tested low CPI game concepts with high retention potential. Gismart’s dedicated in-house team led by experienced producers will supervise the development of joint game projects.

“Games with low CPI is something every developer is after since it is one of the main benchmarks for game scalability on the market. We are removing this hurdle for our partners by offering them various game concepts that have been tested and shown low CPI,” – says Lana Meisak, VP of Business Development and Marketing at Gismart.

The development studios that will be considered must have a fully-formed team, including a producer, game designer, Unity developers and 2D/3D artists. They must also have a proven track record of successfully producing and launching games globally.

“Gismart values the experience of dedicated studios that have been consistently launching new games on the market sharpening their product expertise. With our internally developed tools we are testing over 400 game concepts a month detecting promising concepts with CPI below US$0.10-0.15 and strong retention and monetization potential. Our selected partners will get access to these games concepts which will allow them to focus on gameplay, UI/UX, balancing that shows solid retention and LTV metrics from the start,” – comments Lana Meisak, VP of Business Development and Marketing at Gismart.

Commercial terms include profit share and partial development cost or operational costs reimbursement. Other additional incentives are related to agreed timeframes of bringing games to the market.

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27 July 2020