Gismart’s first NFT collection to celebrate reaching 1 billion downloads

About Collection

BillionPeeps collection is dedicated to its recent milestone of 1 billion downloads. The company granted the ownership rights of the collection to the employees. Each team member received one NFT distributed at random. All new employees will also receive BillionPeeps NFTs on joining the company as a part of the benefit package. The collection is limited to 10,000 NTFs.

Community Perks

The BillionPeeps collection will be featured in the company’s new blockchain gaming project, which is scheduled for release next year. NFT owners will be among the first to participate in the in-game events and will have early-bird access to valuable in-game items. In addition, all holders of NFTs from the BillionPeeps collection will be able to participate in an annual lottery and other exclusive events.

Join the BillionPeeps community and grow together with us!