WeDrum Honoured at the Webby Awards!

It’s official, WeDrum is an Honoree at the Webby Awards in the category “Best use of augmented reality”. We couldn’t be happier to see WeDrum receiving such brilliant recognition.

The 22nd annual Webby Awards is their most competitive season yet! With so many entrants (more than 13,000), the Webby’s moved to acknowledge outstanding entries as official honorees. So, even with such an abundance of quality submissions, they ensure that all deserving products get recognized.

The Webby Awards is an international competition established by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, annually awarding the best web and mobile products. Previously, Gismart won awards at their sister show, the Appy Awards. In this show Piano and Beat Maker Go featured in the Best Music App category.

You can pick up WeDrum in the App Store here!