Soundle Now Available On The App Store

Meet Soundle. The all-new music production app that streamlines the music-making process so that you can create incredible tunes, on the move, with ease.

This brand new app gives you a blank canvas and the tools you need to produce songs in a massive variety of styles from the get-go. To achieve this, Soundle embraces ‘soundpacks’ which we separate into categories that best describe their theme and style. When you choose a soundpack, you define the style of your track and the sounds you’ll be using. There are tons of options to choose from, including hip-hop, live band, reggae, pop, and more. Further to this, each soundpack contains different instruments, sounds, samples, drums, loops, and everything else you could need to start producing an amazing track.

Once you’ve chosen your sound pack, it’s time to start building the layers of your first hit record. Every song is broken down into different sections of song structure, such as an intro, chorus, or a bridge. Each section is then broken down into channels where you layer your sounds, instruments, or samples to compose an original song.

With Soundle, we champion creativity and experimentation. You can customize the BPM and key of each section to create an entirely original feel. Each sound can also be manipulated to ensure your track is perfectly balanced. The more you push the boundaries of what Soundle can do, the more you’ll discover it’s depth and scope. Finally, when you’ve completed your first masterpiece, Soundle makes sharing it with the world just as easy as it was to make it.

Whether you’re a professional musician or a first-time music-maker, Soundle is the ultimate ready to go mobile studio! Dive into music-making and find your Soundle!

Download Soundle on the App Store.