Revamped Metronome with interactive games released

Metronome has experienced a total makeover and is available on the App Store now. Except for a new digital and classic metronome design and improved navigation, the app has a brand new game module with three interactive educational games to practice rhythm and timing, and improve basic music knowledge.

Bird Beat, Rhythm Time and Notes Value games are created in a form of challenging quizzes with multiple levels and time limitation making learning process consistent and fun. Bird Beat is an animated game where users memorize and retrieve music rhythm patterns when repeating the rhythm after birds. Rhythm Time and Notes Value is created for learning note values, time signatures and music notation. The quizzes take users from beginner to master level and are a perfect supplement for music lessons.

Both metronome modes – classic and digital – now have matching features and now it’s only a matter of taste which one to choose!

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