New Edutainment App Go Drums Now On The App Store

It’s time to meet the perfect drum tutor that also fits inside your pocket. Say hello to Go Drums, the ideal application for learning the drums on the move! Whether you’re an experienced drummer or someone that’s never even picked up a stick, Go Drums offers a collection of learning resources and mini-games to help you develop essential drumming technique, forge new rhythm skills and hone your musical theory. Every aspect of Go Drums has been finely tuned by professional drummers to ensure a seamless educational experience that will improve your drumming.

The lessons.
Go Drums breaks its lesson plans into different drumming genres and styles because different styles present different techniques, skill sets, and rhythmic challenges. You can master Rock, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Latin, Jazz, and more! Further to this, each style is broken down into multiple lesson plans that range from beginner level to more advanced techniques – so you can tailor your drumming education to both your musical preferences and your skill level. Remember, each lesson has been devised by professionals to help you master the drums at a pace that is appropriately tuned to you. To this thinking, every lesson has an entirely customizable tempo to ensure that you can always keep up, or speed up if it’s too easy.

Aside from the lessons, Go Drums also offers a host of enthralling mini-games that are at all points charming, entertaining and educational. Each mini-game aims to help you further develop critical skills essential to the would-be drummer. As you play along with a bunch of crazy woodland critters, you’ll be improving your timing skills, musicality, rhythmic memory, and ability to multitask with intricate drum patterns and rhythms.

Track your progress.
With Go Drums, you’ll always know your strengths and the areas you may need to focus on to improve. This is achieved with My Stats. Every note you play, every lesson you complete, and every challenge you trump is recorded in detail. As you progress, you’ll see yourself rise from a novice to a pro and know exactly when and what you need to practice.

Finally, Go Drums also functions as a complete mobile drumkit. In ‘Free Play Mode,’ you’ll be able to showcase your skills with a functioning drumkit that does everything a real drum kit does, entirely from your mobile.

Download Go Drums on the App Store.