The face of mobile Karaoke is available now: Download Karaoke Face!

It’s time to show us your Karaoke Face! Gismart is pleased to announce that Karaoke Face is available in the app store now!

Karaoke Face is the face of Karaoke. Embracing AR mask technology, Karaoke Face allows the user to choose from a vast variety of looks and costumes! Be the star you’ve always dreamed of with our beloved celebrity masks, the most popular being the signature Michael Jackson, the John Lennon and the Amy Winehouse! These masks let the user step into the shoes of the artist creating a more compelling Karaoke experience.

However, Karaoke Face is a lot more than just a pretty face. The core of great Karaoke is excellent music, and step one is finding that ‘perfect song’! Thankfully, Karaoke Face offers an extensive library to choose from that’s only growing every single day. We’ve got hits from all the latest and greatest artists and the karaoke classics. There are compositions originally performed by Sia, Lady Gaga, Imagine Dragons, Years&Years, Cher, Bryan Adams, Elvis Presley, The Beatles and many more. So, whether you’re looking for the latest hits, the classic Karaoke staples or perhaps something more obscure, Karaoke Face guarantees you’ll find it.

The next prerequisite to perfect Karaoke is performance, and this is where Karaoke Face shows its unrelenting star quality! Once you’ve customized your look and selected from the broad range of Studio vocal effects, it’s time to perform. Hit record and get singing! If you need to change your look or sound on the fly, everything is customizable mid-performance.

Finally, Once you’ve nailed that perfect take, there’s nothing left to do but edit it, share it, and prepare to welcome your hoards of adoring fans! It only takes a tap.

Step up to the mic today!