Gismart Piano: 4th most downloaded game worldwide

We’ve got great news to share! According to recently published App Annie monthly report, Piano by Gismart is the 4th most downloaded game worldwide in Google Play in February. It managed to outrun Candy Crush Saga, Clash Royale and Pokemon GO. Also Piano made it to the top of games chart in iOS & Google Play combined.

Initially a piano simulator, the app was recently updated with new gaming features that let users enjoy playing songs on piano without any skills. Besides being fun and entertaining, Piano mini games help develop sense of rhythm and improve ear for music.

“This is probably the first significant result for Gismart when it comes to games. It’s awesome to know that our Piano is liked by so many people. And of course, we are very proud to see Gismart product in the list of the most downloaded games in the world next to one of the biggest game titles in the industry,” – comments Alex Minets, Gismart co-founder and CTO.

Piano by Gismart is available for iOS, Google Play and Amazon AppStore.