Gismart Launches New Hypercasual Game Development Studio

Gismart is continually growing, whether that’s through new products, teams, or initiatives, and it’s always exciting.That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be opening an all-new game dev division.

The new Gismart studio boasts an ambitious growth strategy, with a roadmap that will see ten quality casual and hypercasual games launched within its first year of operation, as we look to recruit over 40 talented games industry professionals.

We’ve already started working on our first hyper-casual games. Their gameplay style defines them as ‘Hyper-casual’ as their mechanics are simple and usually based around one-touch principles. Further to this, they also present an exceedingly low barrier to entry as they’re games designed to instantly inspire entertainment across a broad audience over short and instant bursts of gameplay.

Casual games are built on the same principles as hyper-casual games but with more developed gameplay mechanics and scope. The casual gaming market has been continually growing in popularity, and the current boom in the hyper-casual market is also a testament to this. We want to further ourselves and explore new avenues to deliver more incredible content to our users.

Gismart will still be producing music entertainment and edutainment products, as well as ensuring we’re continually updating our existing catalog with new features. We’re also further developing our publishing and investment initiative, which you can read more about here. We’re aiming to continue our growth and continue our mission of building, creating, and helping develop and deliver amazing products.

We’re excited about the future and you should be too. Stay tuned!