Gismart Christmas Meetup

We recently held our annual Christmas Meetup in Minsk. The Gismart Christmas Meetup is an opportunity for the Gismart team to get together, share ideas, network and discuss various topics with the local tech community. This is a fantastic opportunity to share what we’ve learned this year, what we’ve achieved, and the valuable insights we’ve gained therein. Supporting the local tech community is important, it helps drive new ideas, builds talent and forges future networking opportunities.

Gismart Speakers

The evening kicked off with Eugene Krylov, Product Manager at Gismart, diving into the success story of Piano Crush! An exciting piano-based rhythm game that lets you play your favorite songs like a pro. Eugene presented an A-Z of the development of Piano Crush highlighting their successes and challenges along the way.

Next up, we had Eugene Strelets, Marketing Manager, sharing valuable insights into our latest marketing initiative within Beat Maker Go. As you may be aware, we recently partnered with The Chainsmokers! This is in an endeavor to bring our users closer to the musicians they love in a broad, content-rich, in-app experience. Eugene discusses this collaboration and the benefits it brings to both the app and its userbase.

Finally, Vera Rabkhina, Product Manager, spoke on the specifics of brain training product discovery: market research, MVP and scalability. This lofty topic, that was expertly explained, concerned Hello Piano and its design concepts that offer each user an individually tailored experience that better matches their educational needs. This was a thoroughly stimulating talk that was indeed not to be missed.

Food, drinks and of course music created a fantastic atmosphere for our teams to get to know the attendees and make some firm friendships. With that, it was the end of another beautiful year at Gismart. So, there isn’t much else to say aside from a huge thank you to everyone who attended, our amazing speakers, and the local tech community who we will continually support as we grow together. See you next year!