Learn guitar basics and enjoy playing familiar tunes in a fun guitar game
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Authentic sound and feel

Enjoy a realistic feel and HD quality sound of a guitar. Choose between classical, acoustic, electric or 12 string guitar to play.

Play in many ways

  • Left handed guitar
  • Right handed guitar
  • Strumming patterns: pick or fingers
  • Solo note animation
  • Chords Mode
  • Solo Mode
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Awesome guitar game

For those of you who aren’t musicians, becoming one is both more fun and easier than you might imagine. Follow playing tips, strum pick strings in time, and enjoy playing guitar instantly. Feel like a real guitarist playing along your favorite songs. No lessons needed!

Learn guitar basics

Practice and memorize guitar chords, find and add new chords to the library, and enjoy learning chords of popular tunes. Solo mode animation helps you memorize notes faster. Watch and learn to play a song instantly following tips and hints. We’ve made learning simple and fun!
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