This Black Friday choose the right app for your instrument

Black Friday is here, and that means two things – great deals and new musical instruments (if you’re like us). If you have picked up, or are looking to pick up, a new musical instrument we can guarantee you’re going to want to start learning how to play it straight away. Organizing a tutor at short notice is nearly impossible, and you can be confident they’re not going to be offering a Black Friday discount on their services. Being hard to organize and expensive is never ideal, especially when you’re just getting started. Thankfully, we’ve got some handy apps that will help you learn your instrument with ease! They’re also ideal if you haven’t quite been able to make up your mind yet. Thinking of learning the piano but want to try it out beforehand? Pick up Hello Piano and give it a go. Everything you learn here will be entirely transferable to the real thing.

Here’s our guide on which of our apps you’re going to need this Black Friday!


DoubleTune is a must-have for anyone picking up a string instrument this weekend. The first thing you need to do with any new string instrument is to make sure it’s tuned. That’s a fact. Well, you don’t have to tune it, but you may regret that decision… DoubleTune makes tuning incredibly easy. It’s designed to be simple to use even if you’ve never picked up an instrument before. As well as this, it comes with an amazing Tune Guard feature. Tune Guard guides you through tuning and detects if you are at risk of breaking a string! The last thing you want when you get home with your brand new instrument is to break a string. Get tuned, get playing and never break a string again. Get DoubleTune.

Hello Piano

Hello Piano is the ultimate companion to anyone that’s planning on learning the piano or would like to experience playing the piano before making that all important purchase! A piano, or keyboard, can be quite the investment! So, trialing it with Hello Piano is our top recommendation, after all, everything you learn can be transferred straight to a real instrument. Already got your piano? Then Hello Piano is the teacher you’ve been looking for. It’s a teacher that’s available at a moments notice, any time of day or night, and it’s a teacher that you can take anywhere! Hello Piano offers a unique, and personalized, training schedule with daily lessons that will improve your sense of rhythm, melody, finger placement and musical theory. It also provides full theory lessons that will guide you through all the basics of written music in a fun and engaging way. That’s not to say Hello Piano is just for total beginners! Its wealth of options offer invaluable practice to musicians of all levels.


What’s the one universal music skill that you need to train, matter the instrument? That’s right, it’s rhythm! Keeping rhythm and improving your rhythm skills will always make you a better musician. Luckily, this is made easy with Metronome! Metronome is perfect, no matter the instrument you’ve chosen, to help you play like a pro. It’s got multiple settings and does everything you would ever need a metronome to do. That’s not all though, metronome also offers a wide variety of games that train all the other skills a musician needs. So, no matter what instrument you’re picking up this weekend, Metronome is a must-have.

Good luck with your Black Friday shopping and remember, if you’re planning on learning a musical instrument, we are always here to help.