Multiplayer Mode Coming Soon

Playing music is amazing. Playing music with friends? Now that’s an unbeatable experience. We’re working to bring you cross-app multiplayer functionality through our music apps – Piano Crush, Guitar Play, WeDrum, Beat Maker Star and Karaoke Face. You’ll have the power to form bands and play your favorite hits, on your favorite instruments, all from your mobile.

Nothing beats the rush of playing music in a group. As we combine millions of like-minded music lovers into a multiplayer platform, everyone will find the right bandmates with ease. Play it loud, play it anywhere and, most importantly, play it together!

So, what do you do while you wait? It’s time to get practicing and hone your skills on your favorite Gismart apps! Practice hard and get ready to jump straight into the big leagues, to play with the best-of-the-best, when we launch. After all, the greatest bands are made up of the best musicians. The better your band plays, the higher your scores and the further you’ll climb the leaderboards.

We’re going to be making music creation more accessible, more social and, of course, a whole load more fun. Stay tuned for further updates!