Gismart partners with Mirum Musical Festival

Do you know anyone who doesn’t love music? We don’t either. It can brighten your day, change your mood, and change your thinking. Music has a profound effect on everything we do, it’s what makes it so unique. It’s also what makes festivals always worth supporting! With this in mind, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to partner with Mirum Music Festival, Belarus.

As part of our partnership, we decorated the festival area with our branded musical instruments and ran an exclusive giveaway. This giveaway offers participants the chance to win free tickets and a special gift from us.

Mirum Music festival started in 2012 where it quickly garnered the reputation of being the Belarusian Glastonbury. The venues incredible scenic atmosphere of the castle casts a mystical vibe throughout that captures the hearts of the attendees.

If you missed the fest and want to see how it went, check out the pictures below!

gismart_mirum IMG_20160812_164311 Slack for iOS Upload-1 (1)

Talking about Mirum festival and not mentioning the artists who played would be an injustice! This year’s festival lineup included the likes of RED SNAPPER, ONUKA, THE HARDKISS, Beissoul & Einius, Navi, Bonehider and many others. Mirum presents an opportunity for visitors to enjoy international music! Since its inception, the festival has hosted acts from the UK, Lithuania, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia and, of course, Belarus.

There wasn’t a moment of Mirum Festival that we didn’t love, and we can’t wait for next year!