Gismart partners with Minsk Festival, 2016

These last warm days of summer will remain in our hearts forever thanks to the second annual Minsk Festival! Minsk Festival is held on the weekend of the 16-17th of September and it’s a multi-venue festival of music, dance, exhibitions, street art, lectures, discussions, and workshops. All of which embrace the unique spirit of the urban art culture that Minsk thrives on!

Minsk Music Festival

We can’t live without music. Therefore we had to support this event by partnering with the Minsk Festivals hosts! During these three days, Minsk fills with music lovers and artists, and it all starts with a party in the Graffiti Club. Here Violent youth and Tempo Bay launched the festival with incredible sets that we couldn’t get enough of!

To the streets!

The festival culminates with Vulica Brasil, which takes place on Oktyabrskaya street. Brazilian artists and musicians fill the streets with Latin American music and artwork, creating the vibes of the country throughout. All day long attendees enjoy concerts, live painting, dance marathons and, of course, the music of Ju Moraes. We joined the festivities as we decorated the streets with our Gismart musical instruments! The festival goers took to our giant instruments playing away to the sounds of the incredible street artists.


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Following this, people moved to the courtyard of the Belarusian National History Museum for the Rockabilly concert! The Pelengtones, the Kexies, Jeepers Creepers and Meteor blew everyone away with their eclectic mix of rockabilly, surf, and psychobilly tunes.

What a weekend! With over 30K people gathering at the festival we couldn’t help but feel in the midst of something extraordinary. Gismart loved every moment of Minsk Festival, and we’ll undoubtedly be back again. Thank you to everyone that made our experience so amazing and strutted their stuff with our Gismart Instruments! See you next year.