Building the future of Jazz

Name two more creative bodies than the jazz world and the world of high technology. We’ll wait. As we thought, it’s pretty tricky. It’s also why the two coming together for an exciting competition is what’s on everyone’s lips. We’re here to announce that we’re collaborating with Made in New York Jazz competition to bring you something special.

“This is a fascinating development that’s going to touch diverse areas of the jazz world in a very positive way,” commented Misha Brovkin the Founder of Made in New York Jazz Competition. “We have always loved to experiment with new technologies! Now, with Made in New York Jazz and Gismart working together the stage is set.”

This Competition is responsible for one of the most popular international jazz contests where participants submit videos of their performances online. Winners travel to New York City to perform at a live Jazz Gala that features award-winning international performers. This year, we’re working with Made in New York on a project that will allow jazz musicians to submit their performance using new technology.

gismart jazz

As you might expect, we are equally excited about this new collaboration. “We are passionate about music and are looking forward to seeing our work with the Made in New York Jazz Competition blossom. It’s a win/win for both of our companies and a pleasure to work with these forward thinkers.” Dmitri Lipnitsky, Gismart CEO.

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