3D Touch technology in Gismart Piano

Apple has introduced 3D touch technology, and we’re ready to take full advantage of it. At Gismart, we’re all about providing the latest in sound and technology for our users, so we certainly weren’t going to miss out on this opportunity!

We’ve added 3D Touch to our Piano app. Now, Piano will react to the force you apply to make the piano sound louder or softer. Forcefully pressing the note will produce a loud, dramatic sound and a gentler tap will deliver a softer sound. In doing so, we’re giving you more flexibility and creativity in the music you play.

3D touch technology allows the user to carry out specific tasks instantly through quick actions. For example, you can press deeply to launch apps, reply to notifications, preview messages & links, switch keyboards, switch apps, animate live photos, vary stroke width, and more. It’s like a secret iOS door that lets you explore and move so much more efficiently.

You can find more details in our official press release.