Gismart Launches Partnership Program Games For Artists

03 June 2020 2 min read

We are glad to announce that we have launched a partnership program Games for Artists where partner musicians can promote their brand and music via our new hyper-casual games.

Gismart offers artists a range of opportunities to reach a multi-million audience: from lookalike in-game characters and in-game content to music and merchandise integrations and more. In addition to these customised promotional opportunities, partners have the opportunity to receive a profit share of the game.

With implications for many businesses due to the pandemic, the music industry has also been significantly impacted. With artists’ unable to perform live shows and other activities as usual, we now offer musicians our hyper-casual games as an alternative platform for connecting with a massive audience to promote their brand, music, merchandise, and any other businesses associated.

When a musician joins the Games for Artists program, they will be integrated into the game based on what works best for the artist’s needs and the game experience. Gismart will be responsible for game marketing and monetisation, including a multi-million-dollar budget that will be used for game advertising guaranteeing a large audience. In addition to using the game as a platform for marketing, the artist will share the game’s profit with Gismart.

“The hyper-casual gaming market is one of the hottest spaces in the mobile market today. With monthly downloads reaching one billion and most of them coming from brand new games, hyper-casual games are the new medium to reach out to a massive audience instantly and to offer strong marketing opportunities for entertainment brands, including music artists. We are open to collaborate with artists to fit their custom needs, and create suitable, native integration options in our new hyper-casual game releases.” – comments Lana Meisak, VP, Business Development and Marketing at Gismart.

03 June 2020