Gismart partners with Creatubbles

We’ve partnered with Creatubbles! Creatubbles is a global community for creators of all ages where users can share music, artwork, video, and anything else. At Gismart we believe that anyone can create and should have the power to share that creativity! So, we wanted to provide another place where you can share your musical creations and Creatubbles seems like the perfect fit for our Gismart family. It provides a friendly environment that encourages like-minded people to share their musical masterpieces, and with our apps, you’ll be creating more than one!

In this new partnership, Piano for Android users can share their musical creations with a supportive global community of all ages. Think of this as the perfect space, especially for kids, to share musical pieces, be inspired by the works of others and even connect with other Piano creators from all over the world! It’s as simple as visiting the Gismart gallery on creatubbles, where your works and others can be shared directly from your Piano App.

How Piano & Creatubbles work together

* Download Piano app and record your melody or play a song from the song library
* Share a recorded piece on Creatubbles directly from your app
* Share the music sheet from the original on the Gismart page
* Write a few words to describe your work
* View and listen to the music other creators have shared
* Exchange feedback with creators from around the world
* “Bubble” your best music pieces and let others know what music you’ve enjoyed most
* Save your favorite creations, creators, pages, and galleries for immediate access at any time


Don’t miss your chance to join the global community for people who love creativity, in all of its aspects.

Create, record and share your music with Gismart and Creatubbles.


Gismart on Creatubbles
Gismart Piano on Google Play