WeDrum: brand new drum game release

Over the last few months we worked hard to release a brand new music game WeDrum. The game was made based on our popular drum simulator Real Drums.

WeDrum is one of a kind drum game on the App Store and Google Play. This striking music game lets users instantly play on the ultra realistic drum kit right along with a pianist, guitarist and even a singer. No prior experience necessary! The app suits anyone who loves music and wants to experience what it’s like to be a drummer in a music band.

Here is what you can do with WeDrum.

Choose your favorite music tune to play on a drum kit from a rich collection of songs across a wide variety of music genres. New free songs are added to the Songbook regularly.

Pick a pianist, a guitarist and a vocalist to enjoy a band-like experience or take delight in playing on your own.

Drum along to a song following bright dynamic hints and tips. The better you play, the better results you get.

Keep up with the tempo and earn the best score you can. Enjoy the crowd cheering like a real musician playing on the stage. Replay the song to improve the score.

Share your drumming experience with the world via social media.

To enjoy jamming and freestyling on a drum kit use free-play mode that is still available in WeDrum. The app is available for iOS and Android.