Music Zen Takes Bronze At A’Design Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that Music Zen has been honored with a Bronze A’Design Award!

The A’Design Award and Competition is an award for designers, innovators, and brands that want to showcase the work that they believe represents fantastic design and deserves to be recognized. The competition is fierce with brands, designers, and companies entering from across the world to be judged by the world’s largest and most influential design award jury. Comprising of 209 Leading Designers, prominent academics, and influential press members, it’s clear to see why this award is a pretty big deal.

We nominated Music Zen as we felt it matched the high expectations of the award and showcased excellent design throughout each of the competitions stipulated categories.

Music Zen is a relaxation focused application that’s designed to help anyone subject to stress, that’s looking to build a healthier and more mindful routine. Due to this, every aspect of the application is designed to meet these pre-requisites, from launch and throughout, every section strives to create a soothing experience. We achieved this through extensive research into how people relax as we intend to make technology work as a solution to stress as opposed to a cause, which it is for so many people today. Thus, it was imperative to ensure the app remains a calming and safe space throughout all of its design decisions. If you want to learn more about Music Zen then there’s never been a better time than the present – you can download it here to start relaxing immediately.