Music Zen Now Available On Google Play

We’re thrilled to announce that our award-winning application, Music Zen, is now available on Android! Now, you can start forging healthy habits, engage in guided meditations, and explore a wealth of relaxation centered activities regardless of your device of choice.

If you’ve yet to experience Music Zen, it’s a relaxation focused application that presents a variety of activities to help battle daily stress, calm anxieties, and fuel a more balanced outlook. It achieves this through a diverse collection of meditations, relaxing visual and audio scenes, breathing exercises and mini-games, each of which is designed to benefit or soothe a different emotion.

Every feature of Music Zen has been developed by professionals within the health industry to ensure you’re receiving a continually optimum and up to date service. Further to this, each activity offers a range of customization options allowing you to fine-tune the application to meet your individual relaxation needs.

Music Zen perfects mobile relaxation by offering an unparalleled collection of resources to soothe your emotions as it helps you lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We’re thrilled to bring it to Android and can’t wait for you to start improving your mental health with the free relaxation companion that’s always there.

Download Music Zen on Google Play.