Hip-Hop Beat Maker released on the App Store

Hip-Hop Beat Maker is now available to download on iOS. Hip-Hop Beat Maker is the hip-hop focused beat production app that lets you take your beat-making mobile. You can craft beats the moment inspiration hits you, no matter where you are. After all, hip-hop doesn’t stand still, so why should you?

Create and customize

Hip-Hop Beat Maker encourages freedom and creativity. We want to give the user complete control while still making every tool accessible to aspiring beat-makers of all experience levels. Whether you’ve been producing beats for some time and need something you can take mobile, or you’re entirely new to the world of beat production, Hip-Hop Beat Maker will have what you need.

Get started by diving into our pre-made samples, sound packs, and loops! Assign them to your pad and start making beats, it’s as simple as tapping on your virtual drum pad. As you practice, you’ll develop essential skills, that no beat maker should be without, while getting to grips with using a real drum pad. Although you don’t only have to use our pre-defined loops, you can also create your own using a built-in sequencer that’s exclusive to Hip-Hop Beat Maker. With this, you can create loops using your sounds, voice recordings, or whatever else you can think of. Your creativity is the limit.

Find your sound and share it with the world

Are you old-school, new school, trap or grime? Build beats using sound packs that match you. We work with top producers and hip-hop artists from across the world to regularly add fresh sound packs, from various genres, straight to your library. Whether it’s east-coast, west-coast, crunk or gangsta rap, every genre gets represented. Find your vibe. Make your beat.

Once, you’ve perfected your beat it’s time to get it recorded and get it out there. Hip-Hop Beat Maker offers a wide range of sharing options to ensure that you get your beats to the right ears, whenever you’re ready.

Hip-hop just found a new home. It’s called Hip-Hop Beat Maker, and it’s available to download now.

Download Hip-Hop Beat Maker on iOS.

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