Recalling the highlights of 2018

This has been a phenomenal year for Gismart! We’ve continued to grow with a host of new products, new staff (there are over 150 Gismart employees now!) and, as always, a whole load of new music. However, we haven’t just grown, we’ve also achieved, and we couldn’t be more proud of how far we’ve come. Let’s take a quick look at some of our achievements and highlights from 2018!

Growth and Expansion

For a start, we reached the incredible milestone of over 350 million app installations across our entire portfolio. Further to this, in May, four of our products were listed in the top 10 most downloaded apps in the category ‘Music Creation’. A significant part of this success has to be attributed to our ever-growing portfolio, we launched seven apps this year which is over doubling our collection.

We’ve also expanded by taking on new marketing strategies and initiatives. As part of this, we recently launched an exciting partnership with world-renowned EDM artists The Chainsmokers. We partnered with them through Beat Maker Go to bring our users a unique experience that’s designed to bring you closer to the artists you love. This is only the first step we’re taking and we promise there’s still a whole lot more to come. We also entered partnerships with Universal Music Publishing and Sony / ATV Publishing to bring you a ton of fresh licensed music. These partnerships have allowed us to fill your favorite apps with your favorite artists.


Gismart is also further developing into new business territories. We recently launched a brand new publishing scheme, and in doing so, we’re giving budding developers the opportunity to apply to publish their apps through Gismart. We want to use our expertise to provide new developers, new ideas, and fresh talent the chances that they deserve. We’re publishing casual and hyper-casual games, so if you have a project that you’d like to work on with Gismart, please, get in touch here. Gismart is growing, and we’re going to help you grow with us.

Edutainment Apps

At Gismart, we’re never shy about new directions, primarily when they concern music, and Hello Piano, which launched earlier this year, is our first foray into educational apps. Taking a step into the educational sector is an excellent fit for ourselves. It allows us to continue spreading music far and wide while also teaching people how to play music when they may not have access to music education by other means. Hello Piano is the ultimate pocket piano tutor and if you haven’t had a chance to try it out you can, for free, right here. This is only the first step and we’re going to continue to develop new apps with an educational focus soon, so stay tuned.

Nominations and Awards

So, as well as a considerable rise in downloads, some of our apps have also received awards and recognition. We opened the year with WeDrum being named an honoree at the Webby Awards in the “Best use of augmented reality” category. WeDrum is the ultimate virtual drumkit that turns your fingertips into drumsticks. Beat Maker Go also made a huge splash as it was named ‘Best of 2018’ in the Google Play store’s ‘Most Entertaining’ category.

What’s Next?

Well, the only place to go from here is up. It’s been quite the year, and it’s certainly not going to be an easy one to top, but we’re going to do it. In 2019 there’s going to be more apps, more games, more music, more fun, and a whole lot more Gismart.

So, fasten your seatbelts… because Gismart isn’t slowing down.