Beat Maker Go & The Chainsmokers announce remix contest

We recently partnered with world-famous EDM duo The Chainsmokers in an endeavor to bring our users closer to the artists they love and to inspire a new wave of music making talent with our app Beat Maker Go. In doing so, we’ve transformed Beat maker Go into a hub of Chainsmokers themed creativity allowing you to use sounds from their hit records to create your very own unique beats. You can read full details regarding our partnership here.

The Remix Contest

Now, we’re here to announce an exciting competition that’s going to put your beat making skills to the test, as well as give you the opportunity to win some incredible Chainsmokers themed prizes.

We’re pitting our users against each other to write, record and share remixes of their favorite songs by The Chainsmokers. Using Beat Maker Go, you’ll have every tool at your disposal to manipulate, tweak and create unique tracks. Don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine, because the judges are expecting amazing things.

To Enter

To enter all you have to do is download Beat Maker Go (if you haven’t already) on the App Store or Google Play, and follow the below instructions.

Boot up the app and head over to the category titled “The Chainsmokers” and pick your favorite track. Here, you’ll have all the tools you need to create your remix! Once you’re happy with your track, tap the ‘record’ button and lay it down. Then, when you’re satisfied, save the track to your library and share it on social media using the hashtag #BeatMakerGoContest. Don’t forget the hashtag! If you miss that we won’t be able to find your mix and your entry will not count. So, get mixing and get sharing. In two weeks we’ll be announcing our top three remixes and the winner.

The Prizes

Third Place – You will receive an official branded cap fresh from The Chainsmokers.

Second Place – You will receive an official set of Chainsmokers drumsticks as well as an official roses T-shirt.

The Winner – You will receive a vinyl record signed by The Chainsmokers. On top of this, The Chainsmokers will upload your remix to their official SoundCloud page. Remember, this is your chance to get your remix heard by millions. Let your creativity shine and show the world what you can do!

We’ll be back with an update on the competition soon. In the meantime make sure you download Beat Maker Go and put your mixing skills to the test. Good luck!