Gismart supports STEM

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. That’s what STEM schools focus on, and it’s that, combined with their incredible learning environments and passion for engaging students with invaluable tech opportunities that we find both relevant to our work and inspiring. We’re firm supporters of STEM education in schools, and the disciplines that STEM focuses on are critical in today’s job climate. Roles in STEM fields are more in demand than they’ve ever been before and we’re thrilled to be part of a thriving tech community that’s driving these trends. Let’s take a closer look at STEM education and our own efforts within the education sector.

We find the support of STEM schools and colleges to be paramount in supporting our local community as well as the future of the tech industry.

Opportunities at Gismart

At Gismart, we regularly host excursions for schools to visit our offices and allow students to meet our teams to see what life is like at Gismart. We work with Deti MBA, Myfreedom IT school and the students of the Belarusian State University closely to run these visits frequently. Our goal is to inspire students to learn, achieve and grow into powerhouses within their fields, and the support these schools offer them to do so is outstanding.

We start a regular excursion by inviting students into our office to meet our teams and explore a living breathing hub of creativity. Whether that’s about their future career, study advice, or general questions regarding Gismart, our team is ready to tackle anything you throw at us! We also make sure we take the time to review any projects students are working on and offer any pointers if they need them. On other occasions, when groups require a more specialized touch, we invite dedicated specialists, developers and product managers that better suit the groups’ needs, to help further their understanding of their field. As well as this, they can be on hand to offer expert advice and support on any on-going projects.

Further initiatives

Finally, we also take part in events within the education sector outside of the Gismart office! Last year we visited Myfreedom IT School to take part in their prom, as the jury, to judge and assess their final projects. Here, our experts diligently reviewed the students work and provided prizes for all of the graduates! We were thrilled with the opportunity to get involved with a school in this way as our team members always find these events rewarding and insightful.

We’re passionate about STEM, we’re passionate about education, and we’re passionate about building a better future. Stay tuned – we’re going to be announcing new initiatives and partnerships!

See you soon!