Gismart partners with Appodeal

Gismart has officially teamed up with Appodeal! In doing so, we endeavor to empower selected games and Apps with our publishing service.

This strategic cooperation between ourselves and Appodeal will allow indie developers to benefit from Appodeals powerful ad monetization platform and our publishing expertise. We’ll improve your app, bring it to millions of players and market it. Therefore, we’ll increase revenue and maximize profits.

We’re on the lookout for exciting new projects to work with! We’re sending out an open invitation to indie developers to submit ready-to-test mobile products, including casual games and hyper-casual games, as well as music, entertainment and utility apps.

A real partnership

As partners, we are committed to developers at every stage of the process. This includes using Appodeals free app engine and providing educational materials before the product launch. We’ll also be on board for fine-tuning the app’s monetization model and expanding user acquisition campaigns! Our partnership with Appodeal will provide an entire ecosystem for indie studios because we want them to be able to focus on the games.

“Unlike many publishers, we don’t set strict product performance metrics at the initial stage of collaboration. We’re focusing on selecting great product ideas and, using our knowledge in mobile product monetization and promotion, help their developers launch the product in a ready capacity for a worldwide marketing campaign,” Dmitri Lipnitsky, Gismart co-founder and CEO.

Appodeal provides access to over 60 of the largest ad networks, ad exchanges and DSPs in all popular mobile formats. Every day Appodeal SDK manages 450 million ad impressions in over 30,000 mobile apps around the world.

“Entertainment and utility apps often attract a much larger audience in comparison to games. At the same time, there are not many companies in the market focused on mobile app publishing in such a format. Appodeal and Gismart have strong expertise in the creation, monetization, analytics and marketing of both apps and games. We are ready to help ambitious teams take their well-deserved place in the market,” says Pavel Golubev, CEO of Appodeal.

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