Gismart Opens First STEAM Center

Gismart is thrilled to announce that we will be opening the first STEAM center (STEM with art direction). This initiative is in partnership with the association of “Education for the Future” and will soon open its doors to up to 100 students aged 10-16.

STEM and STEAM education
STEM education focuses on four core principles that are science, technology, engineering, and math. STEAM education is identical to STEM with an added arts focus. However, it still embodies the same goals and principles of allowing young people to pursue an education and career within a tech field that they are passionate about.

It’s this added art direction where we step in to support this fantastic initiative. Comprised of talented musicians, designers, producers, videographers, and programmers our team will be on hand to share their expertise with students, host master classes and invite flourishing students to our offices for experience days. Getting the opportunity to learn from our talented teams, as well as the chance to experience how the real world skills they’re learning can be applied, can be fundamental to a young person achieving their goals, and we couldn’t be more proud to be involved.

The Center
We’re ensuring that this center meets every requirement and has every piece of equipment the students using it will need. That means we’re providing all the latest in computers, LEGO sets, 3D printers, and projectors to help ensure the students receive an unparalleled education in an environment where they can thrive. In terms of the design of the center itself, the educational institution chooses this, and that decision is made in accordance with a theme most attractive to the students. We’ll be back with updates and pictures so you can see the incredible educational spaces these initiatives provide.

What’s next?
Last year, the association opened 7 STEM centers in secondary schools and gymnasiums. To determine candidates for the upcoming centers, they host a competition throughout schools across the country. Out of last years 250 applications, 70 finalists were selected, and a further 10 are now opening centers in the coming months.

We joined the association ourselves in February 2019, as part of their quickly growing list of supporters and since we’ve stood firm in our stance of helping further develop education in Belarus. After all, what says Gismart more than an education system that combines robotics, programming and playing musical instruments?

We’ll be back soon with further updates regarding our initiatives within the educational sector. Make sure you follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, so you never miss a beat!