Gismart Launches Investment Programme Within Its Games Publishing Division

Big news! We’re launching an investment programme for mobile app startups. This new investment programme is an integral part of our already established publishing division. Now, in addition to developing and publishing our own titles, we’re going to play the role of a strategic partner for aspiring indie developers. We’ll be providing investments of up to $1M million USD, on a case-by-case basis, to selected developers across a wide range of product categories.

On top of this, we’ll be providing more than just financial support to our partners. We’ll be sharing our proven expertise across product management, marketing, and growth, as well as assistance with administrative and legal matters. We’re interested in a diverse range of mobile projects including hyper-casual games, music, entertainment, education, and health projects. We have a proven track record in investing and working with teams using an already established model.

Dmitri Lipnitsky, CEO and Co-founder at Gismart, commented:

“Gismart is looking to source and invest in world-class talent and dedicated mobile app development teams. The success of a product, from early development through to release and beyond, is dependent on the professionalism, hard work and competence of the teams involved. We make our investment decisions based on an in-depth evaluation of the teams behind the project as well as the project itself.”

For more information about our investment programme see here.