DJ it! Now Available On The App Store

It’s time to get your hands on the virtual CDJs that teach you how to become a professional DJ, while also giving you every tool a DJ needs to produce and perform music. 

DJ it! is the perfect application for anyone looking to learn how to DJ, as well as experienced DJs who want an authentic set of CDJs that they can use on the move. When you start DJ it! you’ll be presented with a short quiz to define your skill level. From here, the application will offer you a range of learning resources tuned to your abilities. Each section of DJ it! presents a different learning style or learning objective, from general tips and tutorials through to advanced classes, challenging quizzes and a glossary packed with every term you might need to keep up with the pros. 

DJ it! also offers an unrivaled mobile mixing set up that makes creating fresh music easy. You’ll have access to fully functioning DJ decks, condensed into your mobile phone, that doesn’t sacrifice a single feature. It comes fully loaded with the same tools as the pros have at their decks, and before you know it, you’ll be scratching, setting up hot cues, beatmatching and adding special effects with ease. There are also multiple EQ settings, a sampler and tons of other features to help you create your mix. Once you’ve created the perfect mix, DJ it! lets you record, save, and share your piece to your heart’s content.

Dive into DJ tips to read through engaging explanations of essential DJing tools as you master looping, explore hot cues and study this in-and-outs of the mashup with quick tips that are digestible for users of all levels. If you’re looking for a more ‘hands-on’ approach, tutorials will guide you through how to use your mobile CDJs. Simply tap the area of the deck you’d like to know more about and DJ it! will present you with an explanation and tips on how to use it. From here, you can dive into practice mode and put your new-found skills to the test. Don’t forget, if there’s any jargon that you don’t understand, open the glossary and search for the term you’re looking for. Finally, if you want to test yourself, there are tons of quizzes to explore that cater to beginners and experts, so you can find out precisely what you’ve learned.

Download DJ it! on the App Store.