Discover Music Zen, now available globally

We’re happy to announce the official global release of our brand new app Music Zen! Say goodbye to day to day stress and say hello to relaxation, and peace of mind with this all-new App. Music Zen focuses on helping maintain the mindfulness and state of mental tranquillity that we all deserve. Download Music Zen today and discover a path to calmness as it guides you through soothing scenes, relaxing music games and a host of meditation exercises.

Find your Zen

Music Zen offers a vast selection of features and settings to help you meet your relaxation goals, whatever they may be. Experience peaceful games such as Calming Water and Music Lights! Games designed to provide quick relief when you need to remain composed. Explore and relax with soothing instruments’ sounds that let you craft your sanctuary in a sea of beautiful visuals! Finding inner balance may only be a few taps away.

Embrace Calming Scenes, a feature which envelopes the user in the sights and sounds of nature so you can find zen in the beauty of the natural world. Whether it’s the mild burning of a wood cabin fire, reminding you of the warmth of home on a cold winter evening. Or, the elegant beauty of a silent waterfall that washes your anxieties away. Calming scenes creates a vision of relaxation you can feel, all in the palm of your hand.

Finally, take part in daily Meditation activities which offer a much-needed respite that’s sometimes so hard to come by. There are a plethora of meditation activities, each with varying goals, from stress reduction and anxiety relief through to muscle relaxation and many, many more. Real professionals record our themed daily meditation practices, so you can put your feet up knowing you’re in the safest of hands.

Music Zen makes relaxation the one thing it should always be, simple. Meditate, breath, play and indulge in Music Zen, your daily dose of tranquillity.

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