DevGamm Minsk: The Recap

We’re back from an incredible two days at DEVGAMM, Minsk 2018! We’re huge fans of DEVGAMM and never miss an opportunity to support the event. DevGAMM is a massive event for gaming industry professionals! With over 2000 attendees and 90 speakers, all from over 30 different countries. It spans two days and it offers a plethora of insight into the gaming industry for both beginner developers and leading professionals. Everywhere you look at DevGAMM there’s someone to talk to or something you can’t miss hearing.

Firstly, a huge congratulations to our two speakers, Olga Kachalina and Ales Nemenyonok. Olga’s talk on how not to bore the player during a tutorial was informative and, exactly as what she was presenting, not boring for a moment. Ales discussed Features of real-time audio processing in iOS, and again, captivated the audience with his deep insight and understanding of the subject matter! We thoroughly enjoyed listening to all the speakers at the event, and we look forward to seeing some of you again next year.

Did you get a chance to visit the Gismart booth? This year we were thrilled to showcase our latest and greatest, as well as getting to meet everyone who stopped by to chat and check out what Gismart is all about! After all, it wouldn’t be a DevGAMM if there weren’t deals to be made. If you didn’t get a chance to catch us and you’d like to talk about a publishing opportunity please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly here, we’re always happy to hear from you.

That’s all from us at DevGAMM, we’ll definitely be seeing you in 2019.

Until next time!