Brand new educational app Hello Piano available globally

Grab your pocket piano tutor today. Hello Piano is our latest app and, it’s available right now. Whether you’re an experienced pianist or an amateur, this app will have something for you because Hello Piano is the perfect introduction to everything a future concert pianist needs. Whether it’s brushing up on your musical theory or honing your ear Hello Piano offers daily training games that ensure the experience is enjoyable. However, it’s not only exclusive to pianists, Hello Piano also trains skills that are relevant to all musicians! And, If you’re not a musician, the games are just as enjoyable, therefore hello piano a must play.

Daily practice makes perfect!

Today’s Practice is a core feature of Hello Piano that trains skills that are imperative for any pianist. Each practice is a daily challenge with high scores to beat and games to master! Play by Memory helps you strengthen your tuning while giving you the opportunity to practice finger placement. Bird Beat is a quirky rhythm game that will ensure you never miss a beat as you play and memorize rhythms! With Note Pool, you replicate melodies in an engaging call and response game that bolsters your listening skills. Finally, Notes Names is a quick-fire theory challenge that helps you memorize music notation to increase your speed when reading sheet music. You’ll find yourself coming back more than just once a day as Hello Piano says Hello to making practice fun again.

Track your stats.

It’s always important is to keep track of your progress to maintain a clear vision of growth and development which is why Hello Piano tracks your scores throughout, you can watch yourself rise from a novice to a pro. Unlock badges as you sore up the ranks to show that you’re improving every day.

Think Theory.

Hello Piano offers an extensive library of music theory assets, from the absolute basics to more in-depth lessons. Each theory lesson is showcased visually with clear diagrams and supporting texts. Think of Hello Piano as a one-stop music theory shop localised to your pocket so you can wave a firm goodbye to those cumbersome music books.

Hello Piano is an unparalleled educational piano experience. Download on the app today! We guarantee it holds all the keys to your success!

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