Piano Crush global release

Piano Crush, brand new piano catalog game is now available globally on the App Store and Google Play.

Piano Crush is the latest addition to our casual music entertainment products. The game has simple familiar mechanics that replicate realistic piano playing routine. With Piano Crush no experience or previous lessons required! Pick a song and start playing well-known compositions instantly. The game fits each and everyone as long as you fancy piano playing.

The game offers fun piano playing and over 50 musical instruments and other cool sounds that can make traditional piano sound like accordion, cello, harp or even children choir, cat meowing and music box sound! Play ‘Happy Birthday’ to your friend in a signing cat sound, or some great classical compositions written by Mozart or Chopin and make your piano sound like electric guitar.

Over 300 piano melodies in different styles and genres are available to play – from classical Beethoven’s Symphony #5 to popular repertoire like The Animals’ House of the Rising Sun. New songs are regularly added to the songbook so one will never get bored!

Get the app and have fun playing piano right on your device!

Piano Crush on the App Store
Piano Crush on Google Play